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What is a website hosting provider?

A website hosting provider is the technical service provider where the website is located. A hosting provider ensures that the website is visible online and can be reached, for example by managing the website's domain name and also the DNS settings of the domain.

The website can be hosted by the website hosting provider on a shared hosting server. This means that the website of the client is hosted on the same machine as the websites of other clients. Another form of hosting is in the cloud, whereby the website is housed on a virtual machine and is actually generally located at several physical locations of the website hosting provider.

A different form again is when the client himself manages the servers. This means that the website hosting provider only takes care of basic services, such as the hosting of the domain name or ensuring the website can be reached by providing IP addresses in a DNS server. All other services are managed by the client on internal servers. These servers can also be set up in the cloud. This is then called a VPC, a Virtual Private Cloud environment.

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